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Background and History of Snowy Points Cattery

 Snowy Points Cattery is a small cattery located in the spacious home of Lisa Thorne of Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  Lisa Thorne and Mary Jo Cannarella are partners in the breeding and raising of Snowy Points Snowshoe kittens.


Lisa Thorne began breeding Traditional Siamese cats in 2008, and registered her cattery as Baylee Blue Eyes.  Stud services were acquired from the studs at Cann-Dee-Apples Cattery, owned by Mary Jo, and a bond of friendship developed between Lisa and Mary Jo.


Mary Jo is presently retired, after many years devoted to teaching and practicing nursing.  Mary Jo has been breeding and raising Siamese, Balinese and Snowshoe kittens since 1993.  She resides in New Hampshire and Florida.  


Lisa and Mary Jo acquired their first Snowshoe breeding queen as partners in September 2009, from Lynn Pilney of Southpole Snowshoes Cattery in Gainsville, GA.  They registered her as Southpole Genevieve of Snowy Points.  In September 2009, Snowy Points acquired Cann-Dee-Apples Mr. Frosteepaws of Snowy Points, a Snowshoe male kitten out of Fantasia of Cann-Dee-Apples. 


Snowy Points Cattery is dedicated to breeding and raising beautifully marked Snowshoe kittens, with the intelligence and devotion to their adoptive persons, which makes the breed so special.  Both Lisa and Mary Jo strive to maintain the striking pattern of symmetrically marked white paws against a darker blue or seal of the points, and brilliant blue eyes.  


 Lisa and Mary Jo do not breed their kittens for show; their kittens are meant to become family pets.  The "Perfect" white on Sealpoint pattern is not always found on every kitten in each litter, and inbreeding is never practiced by either Lisa or Mary Jo; therefore outcrossing to a Traditional Siamese cat is allowable.


At Snowy Points the adult live as members of the Thorne family.  Kittens are born in large kitten playpens, and spend their first weeks of babyhood in that enclosure.  The Thorne home is a happy, friendly place, with Lisa and her three daughters of school age, 4 cats and two dogs.  Lisa's interests include horseback riding on her Buckskin Paint Mare, equine classes for children, Girl Scout Leader, and teaching sewing to children and adults.  The home is scrupulously clean, and bustling with life and love.


Snowy Points Cattery is a place where kittens are socialized and become healthy, active, friendly kittens for family pets.  The kittens are played with by children, barked at by the family dog, and disciplined in correct kitten behavior by the adult cats.  When they go to new homes at the age of 8 to 10 weeks, they are outgoing and afraid of nothing.


The Thornes are delighted to be involved in the joy of seeing the kittens grow up and meet their adoptive parents.  Both Lisa and Mary Jo enjoy meeting people and assisting them.  Both of these dedicated breeders will be happy to answer your phone or email inquiries promptly.  Call or e-mail Lisa for information about available Snowshoe kittens, upcoming litters, or an appointment to visit and view kittens, when there are kittens at Snowy Points.  Please also visit us on Face Book - Snowy Points Cattery 


Contact Information    Lisa Thorne: [email protected]   

                                        (603) 491-5624 - Cell (Call or text)

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