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Snowshoe and Traditional Applehead Siamese kittens  

Philosophy and Ethics

Our Philosophy and Ethics of Breeding Snowshoe Cats:

We believe that the primary reason for breeding Snowshoe cats is to preserve, protect and promote these rare cats by giving special consideration to the genetic and physical health of the breeding queens and stud cats, with special attention to their temperament. We are dedicated to the ideas that bind together the members of the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. who are owners and breeders of these very special Snowshoe cats. These lovely cats must continue to be available to persons who cherish their great beauty, loyalty, and personality as well as excellent general health and longevity. For us, as Snowshoe breeders, this means careful selection of quality Snowshoe dams and sires to ensure that the Snowshoe kittens will be highest quality pets; healthy, genetically sound, people-oriented, and conforming to the Snowshoe Breed Standards of the Traditional Cat Association, Inc.

We have entered into the breeding of Snowshoe cats out of love of this rare type of cat, and personal enjoyment of helping to find the right adoptive homes for the Snowshoe kittens. The Snowshoe kitten buyers, like us, love and understand the special traits of these intelligent, devoted companions. To ensure that inappropriate adoptions do not happen, potential buyers are screened.  It is not uncommon for people to place their names on our waiting list, for we cannot always have kittens ready to go, due to our small cattery size and the unpredictable occurrence of the pattern of the white mitts and boots, which is the hallmark of the breed.

We sell our Snowshoe kittens with a spay/neuter agreement. All buyers understand that the litter registration papers will be sent in for registration of their cat, as soon as proof (from their veterinarian) is presented, showing that the spay/neuter is done.

Snowy Points Cattery conforms to the following guidelines set forth in the description of the ideal cattery, published on the website of the TCA.

1. Ample quarters are provided for the Snowshoe stud male within the home. He is not caged.

2. Feeding and housing of Snowshoe cats and kittens is adequate and safe. Our Snowshoe queens are not caged, they are housed in our spacious home, and they are part of our busy

3. We are knowledgeable about the care of felines in sickness and in health., Our continuous reading, research and inquiring minds make us competent practitioners in the art and science of Snowshoe Cat Breeding. We never inbreed our Snowshoe cats.

4. None of our Snowshoe cats ever goes outdoors except in a carrier. It is our policy that our buyers commit to keeping their Snowshoe cat indoors for the life of the cat, when they adopt a Snowy Points Snowshoe kitten.

5. Our Snowshoe queens and Snowshoe stud cat are tested for FeLV and FIV, and they have also having been immunized with the usual course of vaccinations, including distemper, calici, rhinotracheitis, and rabies.

6. Snowshoe cats must play to stay fit; Snowy Points Cattery is designed to encourage jumping, climbing, nesting in hide-aways, and playing with toys of various types. Window perches and cat trees offer exciting glimpses of birds and squirrels in the yard around the house. Ventilation, air-conditioning and temperature controlled warmth is maintained for their comfort and well being year around.

7. Snowy Points Cattery is kept scrupulously clean. Litter boxes are kept clean at all times, and there are enough litter boxes to provide one litter box per cat. There are no obnoxious odors present in the cattery.

8. Stainless steel or glass water and food dishes are kept meticulously clean, filled with fresh water and fresh food.

9. Our Snowshoe queens are bred no more often than twice a year. They are kept in tip-top shape by offering the best food, veterinary care (including teeth-cleanings) and freedom from stress.

10. Snowshoe Queens are retired at the age of 5 ½ (or younger, if indicated.) Retired queens are either kept as our own dear pets or placed in a loving home with someone who seeks an older, sweet-tempered lap cat rather than a kitten. These persons are carefully selected to ensure both cat and new owner will make a good adjustment. Follow-up calls are made to check on the process of settling in, to help it go well. Retired queens usually go to new homes as a single cat, or with one of the queens’ own kittens.

11.  Snowshoe Kittens are given the first shots before they leave, at the age of 10 weeks, to go to new homes. They are wormed and litter-trained and well socialized, by lots of handling. A take-home kit is given with each kitten, consisting of a health care record, feeding instructions, a guarantee of health, and free samples of kitten

12. We will take back any Snowshoe cat sold from Snowy Points Cattery, rather than have it go to a shelter, if the owner is required to give up the cat for some unavoidable reason. We promise to find a new home for a Snowshoe cat, with suitable persons, should the need arise.

 Contact:  Lisa at 603-746-1086 or 603-491-5624

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